Why Paxos

Paxos and Antipaxos are two small islands just south of Corfu that still offer an image of Greece before the industrialization of tourism and the modern lifestyle.

Covered with about half a million ancient roots of olive trees, which give the most mysterious blue that the human mind can put to the sea at sunset and embroidered with dozens of tiny coves, the island offers itself for quiet and quality holidays.

Paxos has been kept peaceful and clean while the level of tourists is a little higher than average as most of the travelers arriving here belong to upper income classes.

The houses preserve the traditional Heptanisian architecture, while along the beach you will also see the neoclassical style mansions that give the area a special look.

Scattered on the island, reminding of times gone by, cisterns, castles, and churches, unfold the history of the island to the visitor, as he walks along the paths lost in time. The form of nature blends harmoniously with people who are warm and willing to offer living values of a culture and another way of life.